We all yearn to share the important milestones in our loved ones lives, such as the celebration of baptism, non-religious naming ceremony, holy communion, confirmation, marriage – religious or civil and funerals etc. However distance can mean we are unable to participate that’s where Streaming Service can help.

Stream a Live Funeral – Live streaming services

The most precious memories are those which we share with the ones we love and especially with family.  There are occasions when we, for a variety of reasons, are unable to attend some of the important, most memorable moments in our families.  When families suffer because of the loss of a loved one, we need each other more than ever. We need to be part of the ritual of farewell so that we can grieve and be supported in our grief.  Distance or illness may make that impossible and so we are left to grieve alone. We believe that our funeral service can be of great assistance in such circumstances.

We give you the opportunity to create your memories with the ones you love.

Funeral services & arrangements are difficult because so many things have to be considered and done in a short space of time.  The most important funeral arrangement of course is to inform family and loved ones of the death of your loved one and hopefully be able to have all gather to say farewell.  Sometimes that is not possible due to distance, illness or funding.  The funeral director takes care of many aspects of the arrangements.  In this way they remove, at least, some stress from you as you struggle with the task of ensuring the funeral will be a fitting tribute to your loved one.

At Streaming Services, we believe, we can help through the service we offer. When making funeral arrangements and you discover that one or more family members cannot attend, do not despair, Streaming Service can provide a solution which enables all to feel they are part of the rites and feel they can be present. We will work with the funeral directors to ensure that all is done in a sensitive and appropriate way.

At Streaming Services we are offering the opportunity for everyone to be able to participate in the special moments in the lives of loved ones regardless of where you are in the world.  As Funeral Arrangements don’t always suit everyone.  Our service provides an opportunity for you to ‘be there’ and to be part of the special moments, be they happy or sad.

With the permission of the mourners and the funeral directors / undertaker, we can provide images and live stream of the proceedings from the funeral homes.
Our funeral services are, as stated available for all types of service – religious, civil, humanist and service of cremation at crematorium.

We give you the opportunity to create your memories with the ones you love.

Our approx. fee for our services

  • Stream Church Service Funeral staring from €395.00
  • Stream Cremation Service starting from €150.00
  • Stream the Burial starting from €150.00
  • Stream Burial of ashes starting from €150.00
  • Capture events & make available for later viewing starting from €345.00
  • All Funeral Videos captured will be sent to you on USB Media Directly or via Funeral Director

Fees will vary slightly due to travel arrangements & accommodation costs.  We understand our service must fit in with your funeral arrangements.